Teremana Touchdown Margarita

Teremana Touchdown Margarita (Serves 6-8)
1 ½ cups Jalapeño Infused Teremana Blanco*
6 oz Fresh Lime Juice
8 oz Strawberry Purée
4 oz Agave Nectar

To a punch bowl, add 1 ½ cups of Jalapeño Infused Teremana Blanco, lime juice, strawberry purée, agave nectar, and ice and stir. Serve in rocks glasses and garnish with a strawberry and lime wheel.

*To make Infused Teremana Blanco, slice 1 medium-sized Jalapeño and combine 1 ½ cups of Teremana Blanco in a mason jar for 3+ hours. Strain out seeds and keep liquid for the cocktail.